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       This has been a hard and challenging year, before it ends Highly Recommended would like to have a giveaway with some great products. Highly Recommended Lifestyles is extremely grateful for the people who show HRCO love on all the social media platforms. To show our gratitude we have put together a giveaway that will include HRCO items as well as items form some of our favorite vendors. To enter you will need to go to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and follow the instructions on the giveaway posts.   HRCO’s favorite vendors are: Rob Rodney Bags The Pin Plug...

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Highly Recommended Lifestyles is committed to showing our customers that we appreciate all of their support. That is why HRCO holds giveaways when social media goals are met. For example, we HRCO hit 1,000 followers on Instagram, there was a give away that included stonerwear / streetwear such as a custom jacket with pins and patches and a beanie. Along with clothing item Highly Recommended created there was a glass bubbler included. (Pic of @RM3Colorado on ig, 1k winner) When Highly Recommended hit 3,000 followers on Instagram HRCO gave the winner a bong, rolling tray provided by Dope Trays (...

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